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The Match: Getting Into a Residency Program

Whether it's months or years away, your own Match day is something you probably think about often. The Match is complex, but making it work for you doesn't have to be. Educate yourself now about what to look for a residency program, what to expect as you plan for your match, how to stand out from the get-go, and how to make decisions throughout the nearly year-long process. You can aslo investigate many demonstration speech ideas on medical residency.

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Who should enroll in The Match?

All students seeking a residency position should enroll in The Match. Once enrolled, you are bound to abide by the terms of the NRMP process. However, if you are offered a position by an institution not participating in The Match (such as an osteopathic position or an unaccredited position) your dean of student affairs can withdraw you before The Match deadline for changes.

Keep in mind that if at least one of the institution’s residency programs participates in The Match, all programs in that institution must offer positions to U.S. allopathic medical school seniors only through the NRMP or another national matching program.


Watch: What Students Need to Know About the Match

Hosted by guest experts who have guided hundreds of students through the Match and into residency, this webcast will help you:

Understand how the Match works and how current trends should affect your match strategy

Develop a plan for finding, applying to, and ranking residency programs that align with your goals

Map out a timeline and plan for key milestones in the Matc. Writing a rhetorical analysis essay on research paper topics regarding medical residency is an ideal thought.

Where do I begin?

Now is the time to begin learning about the details of The Match, the tasks you'll need to complete, and how to make the most out of this milestone in your career.

Find Your Residency with the AAFP App

The student resources in AAFP's app were designed specifically to simplify your residency search. Research programs, create a customized scorecard to evaluate what matters most to you, track your application process, and more. The essay format on essays on medical residency should consistently be wonderful one. 

DO remember that the order in which you rank programs is crucial to the Match process. The Match computer is fair, but it is also indifferent to anything other than the rank order list you provide. If you rank one program above another, it will put you in the first program if it can according to the priority you indicated.

Match Dos & Don’ts

DO rank the programs that you really want -- whether or not you think you have a chance of matching to it. A program may not get its top 10 student choices, and you might be number 11 on it's list. Ranking desired programs higher will not negatively influence your chances of matching to less-competitive programs lower on your list. Programs will not know where you ranked them on your list. Nonetheless, do investigate some cause and effect essay on medical residency.

DON'T make your list too short. Although you may think you will match at your top choice, you increase your chance of not matching if you list only one program. Additionally, on average, unmatched students’ lists were shorter than matched students’ lists. Students selecting highly competitive specialties are advised to make longer lists.

DON'T list programs that you do not want. You may end up at a program that you really did not want because you placed it on your list. Decide whether it is better to be unmatched than to be matched to a program that you don’t want.