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Simple Tips For Writing a Creative Essay

So you’re a budding writer. You’ve decided to finally get off the Internet and make something that people will read for years to come. It will be on the bestsellers list for weeks. Hollywood will come knocking on your door to buy the rights for your magnum opus and turn it into an Academy Award-winning masterpiece of the screen.

It could happen. But you have to start somewhere. And the agony starts when you’re staring at that blank screen, at a loss for well, words. You should know right now that’s perfectly normal and there are ways to awaken the creative soul in you.


Be someone else – Neil Gaiman said in his famous Make Good Art speech, that the very first urge to write starts with an urge to copy. You haven’t found your own voice yet and so you opt to sound like someone else for the time being. Go ahead and do that, and keep doing it. Sooner or later, you’ll find a style of your own.

Location, location, location – A lot of people regard environment as a major contributor to creativity. Pick a place where you can think. Pick somewhere quiet and with a beautiful view. Pick a coffee shop where you can observe people and probably create characters out of them. It’s all up to you. You could pick that desk in your room that’s always cluttered. Clear it, make space, and start writing.


Do quick exercises – Another way to writing creatively is to do short writing exercises. Choose a story you know well and maybe write a different ending. Think of a random person and then describe that person as much as you can. Start with physical features, and then maybe attributes, and suddenly their history. Did something weird or funny happen to you today? Write it down, adding bits and pieces of fiction. Had the strangest dream? Jot it all down immediately before you forget.

Make a list – Lists are a good way to keep creative and get the urge to write. Before writing paragraphs, you can make a list. List down your top five favorite movies. You’re going to want to start talking about them. Follow that urge.

Share your work – Finally, show your work to others. Even if it isn’t finished yet or you’re not so sure about it, especially if you’re not so sure about it, feedback is important and gives you an idea of how others perceive the way you write. Casual conversation about your work can clear writer’s block and even add to your ideas.


The important thing is to never stop producing results. Waiting for inspiration is no longer considered part of the process.  A good writer actually sits down and writes and doesn’t just dream of being one while he goes through his Facebook feed. In this day and age, the first hurdle is to not be distracted by the Internet. Once you do that, it will come naturally.

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